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We help you to:

Get actionable insight from your data

We rigorously analyse your data to help find your best users and your indicators of success. We peform deep funnel analysis to find growth opportunities.

Listen to your users and learn from them

We get you 'talking to your users' so you can learn what they really want from your product. You'll be getting more actionable feedback from your users than ever before.

Define your KPIs and decide where to focus

We work with you to find your 'North Star' metric. Then we come up with big, high impact ideas that move that metric in the right direction.

Create a high-tempo testing culture

The more experiments you run, the quicker you learn what it takes to grow. So we get you running multiple experiments a week focused on improving your key goals.

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About Skyamo

Skyamo was founded by Theo Ohene to provide startups with the tools and knowledge needed to help them grow.

We help teams to grow quickly, reduce their user acquisition costs and take their business to another level.

Our team consists of remote marketers, engineers and designers based in tech hubs such as London, San Francisco and New York.

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About our founder

Theo is an experienced marketer who has previously led growth for VC backed startups in San Francisco, Las Vegas and London.

He also acts as the Growth Expert In Residence (EIR) at Kings College London, where he mentors startups on customer development and early-stage acquisition strategies.

Prior to founding Skyamo, he was Head of Growth at acasa, a home management app for renters. There he helped to 10x their userbase to 100k+ users, got the app featured by Apple on the App Store x4 times and into most of the major publications in the UK.

Before getting into tech, Theo played for England Schoolboys U18s and Fulham FC's youth team. He claims to be able to 'nutmeg' any defender he comes up against.


Skyamo gets companies flying by building and finetuning their growth engines.

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